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How to Prepare for 12th Board Exams – Study timetable, Plan, Tips and Tricks

How to Prepare for 12th Board Exams – Study timetable, Plan, Tips and Tricks, Simple way to prepare for 12th Board Exams, Study Plan for 12th Exam Preparation 

How to Prepare for 12th Board Exams

Dear Students, Welcome to our educational portal. Board Examination are very important for all the students for their futureHow to Prepare for 12th Board Exams studies and jobs. 12th Board Exam marks are plays an important role for all the students in their higher studies. The Board examination are very stressful for the students. A better exam preparations can lower down to the stress of students. We are providing some useful tips for the study which will help you to get the best score in your 12th examination.

Students do not copy to another brighter student in the exam preparation. Know your capability and do not waste your precious time to know about other’s method of exam preparations. Students need to focus their mind to start their exam preparation and do not drop confidence. We are given all the detailed information about to prepare for 12th Board exams, study plans, tips and tricks here on this page. Students need to follow this page till end; it is very useful for your exam preparations.

Study Plan for 12th Board Examination


Students need to confidence for they studies, some brilliant student lack in their confidence. They have better idea to learn and interest in their study but they always think negative about their results. So students take your study seriously but do not get this seriousness over your confidence, try to learn with fun. Always think positive about your examination. So keep confidence that you will do it easily and get good marks in the examination.

Time Management

Students need to maintain a time table for your study and give equal time to all subjects. Set deadlines for each subject and trying to complete your studies within time. Students need to follow their time table for good exam preparations.

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Revision is very important for all the students at the exam time. Revision is just like a final touch to your study. Students need to revise their lessons and topics at every weekend about whatever you have studied during the entire week. Complete your all subjects syllabus before 2 months of examination, then you can revise it at exam time easily.

Study Method

Students need to choose the right place and hours for their studies at home. Students need to allocate more to the subjects which have hard and take more time to learning. It will make such subjects at the time of examination.

Write notes

Students need to make their notes for every subject which you read for the exam preparation. Candidates need to make their notes including definitions and formulae over the topics what you are studying. Notes are very useful for the students for their revision.

New topics

Students need to avoid new topics at the time of examination. Studies for new topics is not good at the time of examination because it will be made you stressful.

Refreshment and Rest

Students need to take 6-7 hours comfortable sleep. Students need to take regular exercise and yoga for your fitness. Students need to take a healthy diet. These all factors are very helpful for your exam preparations. It will be make your brain fresh and able to increase your output.

Work on your weak points

Students need to work on their weak points and need to make them strong. Students need to give extra time for studying for you week subjects. Students should make a list of your week points for each subject and start doing hard work on it and make them strong. Students need to destroy your weakness and be strong all the subjects.

Important Tips for exam preparations

  • Candidates should have maintained their best study plan.
  • Candidates need to use the books of good authors at the preparation time.
  • You should know about your weakness and try to improve it via regular practice.
  • Use the Previous year Question papers to know about the exam pattern.
  • Read all the questions according to examinations time.
  • Try to learn the shortcuts which is save your time.
  • Don’t take so much time in solving one question, if you are not able to solve this then move for next questions.
  • At the exam time, candidates need to lose all the fear and free from all stress to get success.
  • Candidates should take helps from experts for their guidance.
  • Best of Luck for your future.


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  1. which book is use for cbse exam so get good result

    1. Xam idea,or CBSE solved practice book (arihant)

  2. which reference books should be used for 12th science stream board examination?

    1. Kalyani Publisher & USHA’S Sample paper is better for annual examination

  3. Which Publication Book Are Better To Use For 12th Board Examination As a SCIENCE Stream

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